The GreenList

What is the GreenList?

From the many hundreds of Assessments & audits we have completed in Australian homes the vast majority have agreed with our recommendations, but do not know where to buy the items needed.

Now the GreenList makes implementing our suggestions & improving your environment easier.

It has all products & suppliers listed and is the only list of its type in the world.

The GreenList is an Australian created concept and includes all the products & services available from around the world that are available in Australia.

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The GreenList helps you identify the products & services available for each area of the home and includes a list of all the sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy saving and non toxic supplies and services.

The critieria that Being Green uses for adding a product to this list is by asking these simple questions about each one:

  • Can it improve our environment?
  • Is it non toxic?
  • Does is save energy?
  • Does it promote sustainability in the home?

If a product answers yes for one or all of the above then we will include it in the GreenList. But the underlying criteria is that is must improve our environment, make our homes more comfortable, non toxic and a healthier place to be, whilst at the same time reduce our carbon emissions and utility bills.

No Company can pay to be on this list and never will be able to.

We will not have paid advertising, ever.

Check back regularly as The GreenList is updated regularly & we are constantly sourcing new suppliers and adding new listings weekly. Your subscription gives you the instant access to the latest products & services.

Being Green does the searching for you so the time you save will more than cover your time spent searching for Green products & services.

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