Sustainable Building & Renovating

It’s not more expensive to be green.

Use Being Green and save money on your on-going building costs & reduce your household utility bills & improve the indoor air quality. Do you know of all the environmentally friendly & sustainable renovation products that can be used in construction? Would you like your floorboards to be one of the hardest woods on the planet, made from renewable resources, sustainable, economically priced, 100% natural and looks like regular hardwood floors?

Would you like to use 100% non toxic paints which are better for your health and the environment.

Building or renovating with Being Green

Being Green in the office & business environment is easy when you have expert advice and tailored solutions.

Whether you are the owner or leasing you can reduce your electricity and gas bills and make your working environment more comfortable, whilst at the same time reduce your carbon emissions & improve the indoor air quality.

With our expert advice and a tailored solution, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint in the workplace. A healthier work place also means healthier employees.

Areas covered include – thermal performance, solar options such as Solar Power systems, Solar Hot water,  shading and window treatments, heating/cooling, waste and recycling, ventilation, indoor air quality and lighting,

Promote yourself as a green organisation, attract new business and feel good about yourself – book an assessment or audit today!

How about a sustainable kitchen?

We’ve hundreds of similar sustainable product suggestions and services with tips to ensure your next building project is friendly on the environment your health and your wallet!

  • Reduced energy, electricity, gas and water bills
  • Implemented simple and effective sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased thermal performance and energy efficiency of your home or business
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased home or business value
  • Money saved around the home and in the garden
  • Improved health in your home or workplace
  • The GreenList of sustainable products and services for Building, Renovating & Living green

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